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User Agreement

1. Terms and definitions

Site means website, available at

User means a person that has access to the Site.

Administration means Site owners, founders, administrators, moderators, moderator helpers and other representatives.

Content means all the information User can copy (upload) to his (her) computer from the Site, such as: text, images, photos, drawings, interface elements, audio, video files, other file formats.

2. Terms and conditions of use of the Site

2.1. Administration provides free access to information of Site and forum.

2.2. The site is available only for personal, noncommercial use.

2.3. Your use of the Site is at your sole risk. The Site, including all materials found on it, is provided on an "as is", "as available" and "with all faults" basis.  Administration does not bear any responsibility to the participants for the property, moral or any other damages as a result of use of Site. Access to the Site, as well as the use of its Contents, is at your discretion and at your own risk.

2.4. These rules apply to all current and future visitors and Site Users. If User does not agree with at least one paragraph of this rules, he must immediately leave Site.

2.5. By visiting this site and (or) any of its page, you agree to these rules and accept full responsibility, which can be assigned to you.

2.6. The Administration reserves the right to edit these rules at any time in its sole discretion without prior notice, which shall take effect immediately. If you continue to use Site means you agree to the edited rules. If you may not take edited rules then you must immediately leave Site.

2.7. In case of violation of these rules, the Administration reserves the right to seek all legal means against violators.

2.8. The Site contains hyperlinks to other websites. These hyperlinks are available for your convenience. This does not mean that the Administration approves the content of external websites. User acknowledges and agrees that the Administration is not responsible for the availability of these resources and their contents. Go to any other site using such hyperlinks is at your own risk. Administration does not bear any direct or indirect responsibility for any loss or damage as a result of using products or materials posted on the other websites related to this site. Terms of Use of this Site shall not apply to other sites, which can be navigated to from this Site.

2.9. Only the advertiser is responsible for advertising placed on Site. The site specifically advises that it does not guarantee opportunity to purchase or use of any goods or services at prices and the conditions specified in the advertising blocks (text, banners). You agree that the Administration is not responsible for the consequences (including any loss or damage) arising from any relationship with advertisers.

2.10. The Site may use Cookies to store both your personal and general information. «Cookies» are small text files that can be used internet site to recognize repeat visitors, facilitate access to and use of the website, as well as the website to track the visitors and compile aggregate data for content improvements. By using the Site, you agree that Site uses cookies.

2.11. Exchange of information found in the "Forum" is allowed only to registered users who register login and password to login to the forum. User is responsible for the security of your username and password and for all that is done in the forum under the your user name and password. The password can not be transmitted to other person, and User is fully liable for all damage caused to him, the Administration or any third party person, arising from intentionally or unintentionally sending your password to another person.

2.12. Any trademarks, names of goods, services and organizations, design rights, copyright and related rights are mentioned, used or cited in the pages of this site are property of their owners and their use here does not entitle User doesn't have any rights to use any of this stuff. Unless otherwise indicated, the pages of Site aren't connected with the holders rights, and only holder can grant any rights to use materials that are protected by copyright. You are responsible for the use of these and similar materials.

2.13. Page layout, Site logo, name, design elements, graphics, drawings, and general appearance are the property of the Site Administration, and their use is prohibited without formal consent of the Administration.

2.14. While using the Site materials on the Internet a hyperlink is required. If you have any questions relating to the use of this Site please ask to Administration.

2.15. Any comments or materials sent to the Administration, including feedback data, all kinds of requests, comments, suggestions and any other reviews are not confidential. The Administration has no obligation of any kind with respect to such information, and is free to use, reproduce, distribute and publicly display such comments and materials without any restrictions. The Administration also will be free to use any ideas, concepts, knowhow or techniques contained in such materials for any purpose, including production with such ideas, concepts or techniques.

2.16. Reading, dissemination or editing of information posted on Site may be in violation of the laws of the country in which you are viewing Site.

3. Responsibility of User

3.1. User is solely and exclusively responsible for the damage caused by computer or data loss caused by loading the materials on the Site .

3.2. If User posts any Content then User bears full responsibility for copyright and reimburse the Administration for all losses in case of a settlement of claims and disputes involving third parties, arising from the breach by User of copyright on the information up.

3.3. User agrees that he is personally responsible for its interaction with other users.

3.4. In using the Site Users may not:

3.4.1. use the Site in order to obtain commercial advantage, to advertise and send out promotional messages, as well as any other intrusive information not expressly requested by the User;

3.4.2. post messages on the implementation of fraudulent schemes, pyramid schemes, and appeals to participate in them;

3.4.3. post messages about goods and services, assessed the current Ukrainian legislation as illegal or require special permission;

3.4.4. post messages which contain advertising of drugs, attempted drug distribution, the recipes in their manufacture and tips on use;

3.4.5. incite religious, racial or ethnic hatred, to keep trying to incite hatred or incitement to violence;

3.4.6. promote fascism and ideology of racial superiority;

3.4.7. encroach on the existing public and (or) political system and appeal for wrongful acts or terrorist activities;

3.4.8. post the methods of suicide, any incitement to the suicide;

3.4.9. leave messages for obscene or abusive;

3.4.10. post information, which includes the promotion of violence or inhuman treatment of animals;

3.4.11. post pornographic images and texts that contain scenes of pedo-, zoo-, necrophilia and other sexual perversions;

3.4.12. post material that infringe rights of third parties (protected by copyright, trademark, as well as photos, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passport details and other personal information or any other right of ownership), as well as borrow materials without prior consent of the rightful owner;

3.4.13. place any files that contain or may contain viruses or other malicious programs, and (or) the technical solutions that automatically add code to the User's system, or change User's system settings;

3.4.14. attempts to break the security of the Site;

3.4.15. violate the current legislation of Ukraine;

3.5. User acknowledges that the Administration is not obliged to look through all the published information by users and has the right (but not the obligation) to refuse to post or to remove any information.

4. Responsibility of Administration

4.1. Administration will not be liable to any party for any direct, indirect or other consequential damages caused with the use of the Site or use of any other site to which is hyperlink from this Site.

4.2. Administration is not responsible for any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion, defect, delay in data processing or transmission, communication lines failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to the User's materials on Site or in any other place. Administration is not responsible for any technical malfunction or other problems of any telephone networks or services, computer systems, servers or providers, software, failure of services or e-mail scripts for any reason.

4.3. Administration does not warrant that:

4.3.1. Site and its functionality will meet User's requirements:

4.3.2. Site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and error free;

4.3.3. results that can be obtained from Site will be accurate and reliable;

4.3.4. quality of any product, service, information, etc., obtained from Site will meet User's expectations;

4.3.5. all software errors will be corrected.

4.4. The Administration accepts no responsibility for any errors, typos and inaccuracies, which can be detected in the materials contained on this site.

4.5. The Administration accepts no responsibility for statements and opinions of site visitors, left as comments on the forum or site.

4.6. Administration is not responsible for any content of users or third parties on the Site.

4.7. Administration is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by users and consequences as a result of using such information.

4.8. Administration reserves the right to remove any information that is undesirable, does not correspond to the objectives of this site or for other reasons.

4.9. Administration reserves the right to make changes without notification of Users and explaination the reasons.

4.10. Administration reserves the right to change (moderate) and to remove any information posted by User, including personal messages and comments, without notice and explanation of their actions.

4.11. Administration reserves the right to prohibit the use of certain logins and (or) remove them from circulation.

4.12. Site or its services may be unavailable at any time due to preventive maintenance or any other technical reasons with notice to Users or not and Administration is not responsible for any harm that may occur.

4.13. Administration reserves the right to deny access to the Site to any User or group of Users without any explanation of its actions and notice.

4.14. Administration can not guarantee that the software, server and computer network used by Site are free from computer viruses or other sources of error.

4.15. Administration is not responsible for any damage User's computer, mobile devices, any other hardware or software caused by use of Site.

4.16. Administration has the right not to control the legality or illegality of the transmitted information (any, including information transferred between Users, internal forwarding information, texts or archives), the definition of property rights or the legitimacy of the sending, receiving or use of this information.

4.17. Inaction of Administration in case of breach User Agreement by the User or group of Users does not deprive the Administration of the right to take appropriate actions to protect interests of Site later.

5. Holders

5.1. If you find the site illegally posted, your intellectual property (photos, text, etc.), please contact the Administration to correct the problem.

5.2. The user who feels that his rights and interests are violated by the actions of the Administration or of third parties in connection with the placement on the site content, send a complaint via e-mail Specified content will be removed from the free on-demand access lawful owner.