Conditions for Accreditation. Global East Rock Festival 2012

Accreditation for journalists who write for the concert

Dear journalists,

  • Accreditation is a concert ticket (passage at a concert by the lists, labels or badges are not available). Journalists receive an agreed number of invitations to the hall and take the place indicated on the ticket.
  • Circulation of publications must be more than 5,000 copies.
  • Accreditation is carried out solely on the basis of publications, announcing a concert (announcements  in  the news headings are not considered). Attention! Announcement  must be at least 1 / 4 page edition.
  • For Internet publications daily traffic must be more thant 500 unique visitors per day. (Note: daily traffic is calculated by the counters). Concert announcement must be posted on the homepage as an information unit with a photo, the date and place of the event and the link to the organizer.

Placement period is at least 30 calendar days

Publication in a scanned form (or the hyperlink for web site) must be send to

Special Global Promotion form must be filled (you can download if from official website of the agency, as well as from MySpace page) Or you can use official form of your publication/resource (in this case the form must contain all necessary information needed by Global Promotion form). Agency will not consider insufficient or improperly completed forms!

To obtain an exclusive interview (including a photo or video recording) the size of material that will be used must be specified (usingseparate letter). The decision on granting interviews Band adopted no later than 1 week prior to arrival in Ukraine.

For organizing and providing interviews you must weighty take part in announcing the band's arrival.

Accreditation at a concert for photographers and film crews

  • A press or publication or videographer accredited programs receive a pass, which entitles them to pass and sneaked into the concert area photos or video equipment. For shooting in a hall reporters occupy previously agreed with the organizer and the security services space.
  • At the time of entrance to the Concert Hall label "photo" must be affixed in a conspicuous place on the chest. Attention! if any, will not be glued, organizer of the concert is not responsible for the actions of the security (as photo-and video-filming the concert the audience is prohibited and International same security will work according to the instructions).
  • Time and place of photo-and video-recording is determined by artists and bands, this will work together in concert photographers and film crews organized before the concert.
  • In case of violation of rules of conduct photographer during a concert, the organizer reserves the right to remove a photo or video films and other media (for transmission Actor).
  • Given the right to shoot, a concert organizer reserves the right to use a photo or video shoot for their goals (specifying the name of the photographer or citing a source). If the publication fails to provide material Holder the right to apply adequate measures.

Please pay attention to the changes / additions of the rules in general, as well as for specific concerts!

Download Special Global Promotion Form!

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