Symbolizer's History (Biography)

Symbolizer is a metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 2001. The band plays self-penned thrash metal which is both hard-hitting and melodic.

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Genre(s): Metal / Thrash

Country: Denmark

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2012

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The lyrics deal with war, social and philosophical themes. Symbolizer has made heads bang at many venues in Denmark including The Rock, Lille Vega and Lions and Barrels, and they are an experienced live outfit.

The band participated in a compilation album released in 2002, released a promo CD in 2005 and released their debut full-length CD album Thanatos Unleashed through Hellion Records in Germany in December 2010.

Symbolizer's Current Members

  • Rasmus Kiaer: vocals, guitar
  • Anders Jensen: bass, backing vocals
  • Lars Osterberg: drums, backing vocals

Symbolizer's Discography

  • 2005 - Symbolic (Promo)
  • 2011 - Thanatos Unleashed

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