Sylpheed's History (Biography)

The fact that Sylpheed’s home country of Italy is a bit slow on the heavy metal uptake isn’t stopping the innovative six piece, female led powerhouse band from finding a way to set stereos on fire and rattle windows around the world with its heavily distorted guitars, booming drums, intense vocals (straightforward and growling), incendiary lyrics and, yes, even soaring violin textures. Exploring all the different aspects of the metal world—heavy, death, gothic, doom and thrash—Sylpheed was the only Italian metal band ever to play the Sweden Rock Festival (June 2010) and plans to conquer the rest of Europe and the U.S. Before the End of the World, the name of their upcoming eight song debut recording, currently in the works.

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Genre(s): Death Metal/Metal/Rock

Country: Italy

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2012

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Launched in late 2007 when guitarist Rust (“the mean machine behind the songs,” “the motor behind the music”) joined forces with vocalist Ilenia and bassist Daniele, Sylpheed ultimately evolved into an explosive six piece force of nature. After bassist David and the band’s original drummer joined the fold, they produced their first demo recording, the provocatively titled Flying Over The Apocalypse, in January 2009. By June, they had another drummer and a major new melodic piece of the puzzle, acoustic violinist Noemi. They returned to Authoma Studio to record three new songs and an upgraded version of “Carsian,” whose original appeared on the first demo. The current lineup was completed with the addition of drummer Rob Rise in August 2010.


“The album we’re working on now is a solid project with some really sad depressive parts where the violin and voice will merge with passion,” says Rust, “but you’ll also find some fast and furious songs full of rage. Usually Rust brings some ideas to the table and the band starts to work around them. But often a simple insertion of David’s guitar or Noemi’s violin, for example, can change the entire shape of a song. Every one of us has a personal point of view and each helps us find the final formula of a song.

Sylpheed's Current Members

  • Fenis (Voice)
  • Rust (Guitar)
  • Ital (Guitar)
  • Zeon (Bass)
  • ? (Drum)
  • Noe (Violin)

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