Sawthis's History (Biography)

The show of Sawthis at the Global East Rock Festival 2012 has been canceled. Cancellation reason: unknown.

Born in 1997 under the name of Sothis, Sawthis record in 2001 a 7 songs cd “The Seven Lies”; This demo enables them to peep out on the national metal scene with interesting responses from audience and press. In 2002 their second promo cd "Istinct" is out, a veritable springboard for the band which starts to collect many huge reviews from the national and european press. They share the stage with many great bands such as: Lacuna Coil, Entombed, Impaled Nazarene, Shaman, Konkhra, Eldritch, Centvtion, Theatres Des Vampires and Undertakers.

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Genre(s): Metal/Thrash

Country: Italy

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2012

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In 2003, while "The Seven Lies" and "Istinct" get reissued, the band signs a record deal with Temple Of Noise records. In the April of 2006 their debut album "Fusion" (Edel/ Hardebaran) is out throughout Europe. 8 tracks of modern thrash metal! This throws the band towards a new massive live activity campaign (this time with Destruction, Anathema, Vader, Sybreed, Impaled Nazarene, Extrema, Sadist, Necrodeath and Assassin). In 2007 the video of "Beyond The Bound" appears on the web (song extracted from "Fusion"). This first official video is inspired by The Clockwork Orange movie.

In 2008 Sawthis preproduces the new album and in 2009 the band enter the studio again for the recording of the second full-length named "Egod", with the presence of Paolo Ojetti (Singer and producer from the band “Infernal Poetry” -CoproProd.- and live sound engineer for a lot of great artists like: Dismember, Napalm Death, Vital Remains, Sinister, Enthroned, L.A.Guns, Paul Di Anno, T.M.Stevens -Tina Turner, Steve Vai, James Brown-, Carl Palmer –Emerson,Lake&Palmer-, Tony Martin -Black Sabbath-) as artistic producer.

Sawthis's Current Members

  • Alessandro Falà (vox)
  • Adriano Quaranta (guitar)
  • Devis Ercole (guitar)
  • Gaetano Ettorre (bass)
  • Michele Melchiorre (drums & vox)

The quality achieved with this collaboration, brings the band to sign a deal with Scarlet Records for the Egod release. After the album release, the band start the Egod tour in Eastern Europe, having been chosen by legendary Polish death metal band Vader as their opening act. During the summer, the album promotion continues sharing the stage with The Haunted, Primal Fear, Bulldozer, Cattle Decapitation, God Dethroned and more.

Sawthis's Discography

  • 2001 - The Seven Lies (Demo)
  • 2002 - Istinct (Demo)
  • 2006 - Fusion
  • 2010 - Egod

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