Information for young bands. Global East Rock Festival 2011

Conditions for bands which wish to perform at the small stage of GERF 2011:

Bands which wish to perform at the small festival stage, should take note of the following information:

1. Band, who sent the request for participation, agrees to the terms of monetary compensation for their performances at the festival. Band's set will be 40-45 minutes. including switching. The amount of payment and details will be negotiated with the administration in personal correspondence.

2. Agreed amount (except compensation for the technical component) includes staying all the band members (+ band's sound director by request) at the festival for a two days as visitors. Any other persons who have arrived with a band, have the right to attend the festival only with the ticket. Bands that don't have a sound engineer, will be provided by the technical specialist of the festival.

3. Request Form:

- Name;

- Style;

- Location (country, city);

- Links to resources. Link to live video is obligatory (videoclips are not considered);

- Contacts of the band (tel, mail).

4. Administration of the festival doesn't compensate travel, meals and accommodation of the young band.

5. Band, who confirmed to participate at the festival, must provide the necessary materials to Administration for promotional purposes. Also band must support the campaign of the festival by all means available.

6. Address for requests:

Performance requests from young bands on the small stage accepted until July 1, 2011 inclusive.

user Guest "Babak Farrokhi" #1
Group: Guests
I'm Babak,vocalist of persian progressive/death metal band U.S.A will contact you...
user Guest "Ironyc" #2
Group: Guests
I sent you info about our band Ironyc, we are a local band (Georgia). When will I get response about details (amount quantity etc..)
user Guest "R.N.F. GitarisT" #3
Group: Guests
А если заявку подать позже ,уже не приметься?
user Роман Щегиль #4
Group: Users
Registration: 6/11/11
Comments: 2
R.N.F. Modern death metal Украина г.Днепродзержинск 0930714621
user Nemo #5
Group: Administrators
Registration: 10/31/10
Comments: 13
R.N.F. GitarisT, не уверен. пробуйте!