Viter's History (Biography)

VITER band was formed by four members – Yulian “Viterzgir” Mytsyk (vocals, guitars, bass), Andriy “Tur” Kopylchak (drums), Oleksandr “Volkovlad” Yaremchuk (guitar) and Oleg “Sudymyr” Byblyj (keyboards).

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Genre(s): Folk Metal

Country: Ukraine

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Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2011

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It was decided to play special type of music based on heavy rock riffs with a usage of a lot of different Ukrainian folk instruments. The main idea was to create a totally original musical product not limited by common style frames.

Immediately after the formation the band has started an active work over its first compositions, and, as a result, a mini-album “Dzherelo” was recorded in the beginning of summer, 2010. It was released in August 2010 by a Russian independent label Casus Belli Musica.  

Viter's Current Members

  • Yulian Mytsyk - vocals, folk instruments
  • Volodymyr Derecha - guitar
  • Oleksand Yaremchuk - guitar
  • Sviatoslav Adept - folk instruments, keyboards, back vocals
  • Bohdan Potopalskyi - bass, back vocals
  • Andriy Hordiychuk - drums

Former members:

  • Oleg “Sudymyr” Byblyj (keyboards)

Album was greatly accepted by listeners and achieved a significant number of positive reviews in European media.

Viter's Discography

  • 2010 - Dzherelo (EP)
  • 2011 - Viter / Kings & Beggars - Diva Ruzha (Split)

In September 2010 VITER presents “Dzherelo” music video from the debut mini-album of the same title. It was filmed during summer 2010 in the depths of Carpathian Mountains.

Oleg Byblyj leaves VITER due to the lack of time. But new members joined the band: Volodymyr “Soncezar” Derecha (guitar), Bohdan “Borymyr” Potopalskyi (bass) and Sviatoslav Adept (folk instruments).

In full line up band started its work over the songs for the full length album.

In winter 2011 Andriy "Nirvanych" Hordiychuk became the new VITER drummer.

In March 2011 joint musical project of VITER and KINGS & BEGGARS “Diva Ruzha” was released by CASUS BELLI MUSICA.  The album contain 5 joint and solo songs. The main conceptual point of the projext was an attempt to integrate Carpathian folklore with a Swedish native song, to perform European traditional music by means of medieval instruments with appropriate arrangement; and at last to present an unexpected sounding of all these compositions.  None of the keyboards and samples were used in the recording process – dozens of various traditional and medieval instruments were recorded live. The work over the album was performed in three recording studios. Songs were performed in four languages – Ukrainian, Swedish, Latvian and old French.

At a current time VITER actively works over the new songs; most of them are in new vein, different from “Dzherelo” album but still in very special style.

On it's records band uses the unique handmade instruments made by VITER members – Heracleum horns. They are 3 meters long thus 3 times wider then common Ukrainian Trembita.

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Official Viter's Video

Viter - Dzherelo
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