Sunrise's History (Biography)

The band SUNRISE was founded in Kiev (Ukraine) in 2003, by Konstantin Naumenko and Vitaliy Petrichenko. Style of the band is melodic power-speed metal. The basic language of songs is English.

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Genre(s): Melodic Power/Speed Metal

Country: Ukraine

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Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2010, Global East Rock Festival 2011

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The subject of texts touches questions of self-realization and self-knowledge of the person, searching for the meaning of life and spiritual development and also lyrical reflections about love and mutual relations between people. Melodic construction of songs is capable of inducing the whole scale of feelings.

SUNRISE took part in a big number of different performances in Ukrainian clubs.

Sunrise's Current Members

  • Konstantin 'Laars' Naumenko (vocal)
  • Vitaliy 'Kiirk' Petrichenko (guitar)
  • Alexander 'Narayan' Rudnev (guitar)
  • Eugene 'Dresden' Kostyukevych (bass-guitar)
  • Eduard 'Eddie' Fefer (keyboards)
  • Sergey 'Serj' Moroz (drums)

On February, 2007, SUNRISE finished recording of its debut album, called “Liberty”, which was released by Metalism Records.

Sunrise's Discography

  • 2007 - Liberty
  • 2009 - Trust Your Soul

At present, SUNRISE finished recording of its second album, called “Trust Your Soul”. This album was released at 30th January 2010 by Italian label Heart Of Steel Records/Emmeciesse Music Publishing and took many good estimations from the world's musical critics.

On November, 2009, was released the internet-single “Dreamer Online”, which was downloaded by thousands fans all over the world.

The songs of SUNRISE took rotation on the different radio stations of the world: Metallic Underground radio (Austria); Radio Almenara (Spain); Phoenix radio (United Kingdom); Radio Rocks (Ukraine) and other.

Most of the musical observers nowadays claim SUNRISE as one of the leaders in metal music of Ukraine.

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Official Sunrise's Video

Sunrise - Relax
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Duration: 04:28
Sunrise - You And Me
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