Pressure Points's History (Biography)

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The history of Pressure Points goes back to the late summer of 2004, Heinola, Finland. Kari and Vili shared the same musical interests and on one night they talked about Kari's idea of starting a little project. They were immediately excited about it. Soon they were jamming together and noticing that it might work. As it started to do so, some of Kari’s old riffs and jam-sessions ended up finding their places in lengthy songs. Enthusiasm grew and they started to take the idea a little more seriously than in the very beginning, no longer a side-project among the others. They started to look for a bass player and quickly found one, Janne Parikka. He joined in the fall, after a few months from the start. With this setup we went on for half a year and made our first demo that came out early in 2005.

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Genre(s): Progressive metal

Country: Finland

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Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2011

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The first untitled demo consisted of five lenghty songs. It was recorded in the rehearsal space and therefore the sound quality wasn't quite good, but overall it fulfilled its function and made it possible for the band to move on. Tracklist of the 2005 demo: 1. Pain Dimension 2. Thread of Contact 3. Drifting in Contemplation 4. Turning Point 5. Framework of Art. You can still sometimes hear Pain Dimension in our live set. It was also the very first song composed in PP.

After the completion of the demo it was time to recruit more members because the band had to start thinking about live performances. After some time and a few guitar candidates later, the band managed to get Juho Suortti as a permanent member on the second guitar. He had previously played in the same band with Janne and knew Kari and Vili also. So he was no stranger.

Pressure Points's Current Members

  • Kari Olli - vocals & guitar
  • Veli-Matti Kyllonen - keyboards
  • Vili Auvinen - drums
  • Janne Parikka - bass

2005 was all about making new songs and training in the band's rehearsal space at Rulla, Heinola. We rehearsed the songs that were on the demo, but also made new ones and kept things interesting that way. Each new song was better than its predecessor. On the contrary, we wrote so much new material that unfortunately many great ideas were forgotten. So if you find a bootleg tape of our rehearsals, let us know! For example Temptation for Hate is from the year 2005.

Pressure Points's Discography

  • 2005 - First demo
  • 2006 - Edge of Endurance (websigle)
  • 2008 - Pain Dimension (promo)
  • 2010 - Remorses to Remember

This year was difficult because of personal life situations considering work and studies. The four of us lived all around Finland making schedules almost impossible to create. Kari graduated and moved to Seinäjoki (over 300 km away from Heinola), Janne was studying in Tampere and Juho in Jyväskylä. Vili was learning some defending skills in the army the whole year. The rehearsal space was in Heinola, of course. Take a good look at the Finnish map and see if the spots form a pentagram. Or a square at least.

Yet we managed to practice regularly.

During the year we recorded a song Edge of Endurance. We made it without any larger ambitions - just to keep the wheels rolling and at least for our upcoming website.

As the end of the year began to near, we started thinking more and more about live performing. Only one relevant (pressure) point was missing: a keyboard player. Previously Kari had done the keyboards on the recordings but obviously he couldn't play guitar and keyboards simultaneously live. So we began auditioning for a keyboard player... which was a great struggle.

As for the keyboards, it was not until the beginning of 2007 when we found what we had been looking for so long, Veli-Matti Kyllönen. He fulfilled the position not only as a player, but as a mental and practical supporter of the band.

The first live performance was on the 3rd of May, in a band competition Ääni ja Vimma. We didn't get through the elimination, but that didn't bother us. The main point of the performance was to break the seal and get it over with. Like all first live performances, ours was quite appalling. Since then, naturally, we have improved. And that’s no wonder; mostly because of Wellu’s joining, we were to play loads of gigs in the days to come.

In the fall we made a tour of six gigs called Nightmare Before Christmas with Gloria Morti from Heinola and Crystalic from Tampere. We were familiar with the guys of Morti because they had been training at the same rehearsal space with us. There were some awesome gigs on that tour (for example Tampere, Hellä) and some not as splendid (Jyväskylä, Ilokivi). No matter what people say, it's always different to play for 100 listeners instead of 10. Both can be equally fun, though!

We also felt that the time was right to make another record to measure our improvement. It was quite difficult to decide what kind of a record should we make. We came to the conclusion that we needed a relatively short promo-cd which we could send to record companies, magazines, etc. For the cd we picked two of our shortest and most in-your-face songs: Pain Dimension (re-recorded) and Edge of Endurance as a bonus track from 2006.

The promo-cd Pain Dimension finished early in 2008. It received great reviews.

The year opened up with active live playing. We played about 10 gigs before our summer break. We had been thinking about making some kind of a record, but we weren't quite sure what we wanted to do. Should we do a demo, an EP or an album? After many conversations, we all decided that an full lenght album was the only way to keep the ascending progress alive. We could have decided otherwise - sure we could have done another demo and kept on touring the cellars until the end of days, but we decided to choose different. We decided to see how far we can take this project.

In the fall we got to play with magnificent bands such as Omnium Gatherum, Dauntless and Reversion, just to mention a few. We played 28 gigs during the year. In September, we did our first live performances abroad, two gigs in Estonia. The shows were great and we are looking forward to playing there again.

In January we did a pretty awesome tour with Keep Of Kalessin visiting some of the best indoor venues in Finland. Recordings of our first album were finished in April and we inked a record deal with Finnish Firebox Records in September. We played a few very good gigs in the fall and were very optimistic and excited about the year 2010. The story continues...

There are lots of elements in our music. We have not limited it to certain boundaries or borders. We are just being honest to ourselves – you can not go terribly wrong by doing what feels right. This way, music should feel genuine, not superficial. We do not have to think about making compromises in our work because almost everything fits in. The toughest part is to make it whole and intertwined. However, metal is where it all begins and it is the most recognizable style in our music.

The atmosphere in the band is very good-spirited. If that works, everything else comes along, including arrangements, deals, time-tables, the use of equipment etc. Chemistry is the driving force among band members. The best example is when we just come to practice on cold winter nights, we might say to each other that “let's jam a bit to get this chill out from our bodies.„ And soon we notice that we have a song on the table. We keep on surprising each other, which brings a certain freshness to the business. Like Gene Hoglan says: "If you surprise your band mates over and over again, then you rock!"

We sincerely hope that our energy, sense of music and real characters can be felt through our music which definitely is our best medium of expression – it's like a second language.

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