Crimson Sky's History (Biography)

In its renewed cast the band CRIMSON SKY has started to work in May 2010. The vocalist, the founder and the leader of the band Bohdan Torchylo brought together both experienced and beginning musicians. From the former cast were only he and the keyboardist Anatoliy Kyrylyuk.

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Genre(s): Gothic/Doom Metal

Country: Ukraine

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Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2011

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The band itself was founded in July 1998, in Rivne (Ukraine) by Bohdan Torchylo and his friend Nazar Mazurok. From the very beginning the band began to play gothic-doom metal. The early history of the band's formation was not rich in important events in the creative and concert way. The progress of the band was slowed down due to different changes of the band's cast and musical difficulties for a long time. That was the reason why the creative and musical activity was not making progress as fast as wanted.


The short chronology of that period:

Crimson Sky's Current Members

  • Bogdan Torchylo - vocals
  • Anatoly Kirilyuk - keyboards
  • Sergei Bear - guitar
  • Ludmila Savchuk - violin
  • Olga Guzy - vocals
  • Alex Omelchuk - guitar
  • Ivan Fedorov - bass
  • Dima AMD - drums

2000 - The first appearance and the first active concert period.

2003 - an active creative period of the old band members. The made material could be worth creating a full-length studio album. But again, due to some musical difficulties and the changes in the cast it was not recorded.

Autumn 2005 - the last performance of the old cast of the band

January 2006 - the last rehearsal of the old cast, after which the band leader Bohdan Torchylo decided to find a new cast.

From 2006 to the current time - vocal and creative activity of Bohdan Torchylo is in the cast of the band ТИРАНІЯ (TYRANIYA).

May 2010 - the rebirth of CRIMSON SKY with the new cast.

During the first months, the band worked at the new concert program and in OCTOBER 23, 2010 - the PREMIER of the renewed CRIMSON SKY took place!!!

In November 2010 the band started to work on recording the debut album in the studio of their friend-band MЭRVA (MERVA). Within 11 days the material of the debut album "Rising" was recorded. During the next few months the work on mixing and mastering of the album continued. The sound engineering, mixing and mastering of the album was made by Peter Zarudnyy – the vocalist, the guitarist and the leader of the band MЭRVA (MERVA).

In April 2011 – the band CRIMSON SKY have presented their first Internet-single "Примарний Сон - Illusive Dream". The single gained many favourable reviews in Ukraine and outside the country. And in May 2011 the band signed a contract with the "Black Art production & distribution" label to issue the album "Rising".

June 2011 – the issue of the album "Rising" on the label "Black Art production & distribution".

At the moment the band is preparing to the concerts to support its album and is working on the material for the second studio album.

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