Terms & Conditions. Global East Rock Festival 2010

1. Each visitor must keep its ticket until the end of the Festival. Every visitor at the entrance to the territory of the Festival is registered and receives a tracking bracelet. With the bracelet, you can travel throughout the Festival. Leave it and again enter the territory of the Festival is only possible if there is a, unique, registered ticket. The bracelet can not be taken during all days of the festival. If you'll remove your bracelet, it will be canceled and you'll can not enter the territory of the Festival again. All persons found on the territory of the festival without bracelet will be immediately removed from the territory. All persons found on the territory of the festival with already expired bracelets will be immediately removed from the territory. All SOFT, KONTAKT, Russian, Polish, Latvian tickets exchanged in a separate window to the Ukrainian form, which is then recorded in the general procedure. By entering the territory of the Festival visitor agrees with the established rules in that form.

2. Counterfeit tickets are not acceptable and prohibited. Organisers are not liable for counterfeit tickets.

3. Persons under 16 years are permitted only if accompanied by adults.

4. The territory of the festival opens on Wednesday, September 1, at 19:00.

5. Camping is open from 7:00 PM 1 st September to 5 September 10:00 AM. Camping place price is 25 UAH per day, the price includes a place in a tent, ground pad, a sleeping bag. The price of placing your own tents is 100 UAH for three days. Parking price is 25 UAH. / 1 car / day, 50 UAH. / 1 car/3 days. Parking ticket should be placed under car windshield. Camping ticket purchased in ticket window, parking ticket - on the parking lot. Camping ticket is one for every tent. The special representative of the administration will deal with organization and placement of the camp.

6. 2, 3 and 4 September entrance opens at 10:00. Concert stage (stadium) was called for 30 minutes before the first performance and closes in 30 minutes after the end of the program. Recreation Area, toilets and showers are open 24 hours a day.

7. There will be camera storage on the festival (only paid). Price of hand luggage in camera storage is 10 UAH per day, the luggage space - 20 UAH per day. You'll may leave documents, cell phones, cameras, camcorders, pocket knives, keys and other small valuables. Do not leave explosives, drugs, alcohol and any other liquid, as well as weapons (including pepper spray).

8. On the territory of the festival you'll may purchase a variety of hot and cold meals and drinks at reasonable prices.

9. It is strictly forbidden to bring any drinks, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, weapons, knives, scissors and other stuff that can be classified as dangerous. The organizers reserve the right to personal searches. You'll may take with moderate amount of food in plastic dishes and packages.

10. Absolutely do not recommend drinking alcohol near the territory of the Festival. Outlying areas of the Festival will be patrolled around the clock by specially trained police patrol.

11. It's strictly prohibited to take with and use drugs.

12. The fire is forbidden on the territory of the festival. Visitors with tents are allowed to use of gas burners for cooking, in compliance with fire safety regulations.

13. It is strictly forbidden to bring recorders, voice recorders, film and video cameras on the territory of the festival. Violation of this rule may be viewed as a crime.

14. Compact camera is only permitted for taking photos (soap holders small flat shape). It is strictly forbidden to bring SLR cameras, cameras with removable lens, a pseudo-SLR cameras and any other professional, semi-professional or similar cameras.

15. On the territory of the festival is only used the national currency (Ukrainian hryvnia). Currency exchange can only be made in the city.

16. Animals are prohibited at the festival.

17. Visitors are urged to collect their garbage in trash bags, which will be sufficient throughout the Festival.

18. Any unlicensed trade is forbidden at the festival.

19. There will be information window on the territory of the Festival. If you find a lost thing please give it to the information window and you can be sure that person who lost it will find it.

20. There will be point of medical care on the territory of the festival in which you can apply in the case of health problems.

21. All visitors must respect administration and service of the festival.

22. Despite the fact that the camping will be protected, organizers are not liable for damage to property and health visitors.

23. Organizers have the right to apply the following sanctions against violators of the rules of the festival:
- Verbal warning;
- Expulsion from the festival without refund ticket;
- Sending the offender to representatives of law enforcement.