Vic Anselmo's History (Biography)

Vic Anselmo is a Gothic/Alternative singer and songwriter. A great invention, stunning voice and wide musical horizon let her find her own special ways in creating music. Her songs sound like a soundtrack to dreams. They are very sensual and would amaze you with their dynamic contrasts and sound variety. All that comes together with an impressive onstage image.

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Genre(s): Gothic/Alternative Metal

Country: Latvia

Show Date: September 2, 2010

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2010

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Vic Anselmo is bound to be the first Latvian alternative lady to be known outside the Baltic States.

Her debut album “Trapped in a Dream” was released in Europe on October 10th 2008 and is being destributed by the German label Omniamedia.

Vic Anselmo's Current Members

  • Vic Anselmo - singer, songwriter, acoustic guitar
  • Herman Rigmant - guitars, programming
  • George Kadolchik - keyboards
  • Peteris Pass - bass
  • Martinsh Milevskis - drums,percussions

Vic Anselmo was born in 1985 on March 21st in Riga, Latvia. From her childhood she was inspired by a lot of different music, first by Blues, Country, Soul. Later it was Rock, Grunge, Progressive, Goth, and Metal. At the age of ten Vic Anselmo went to a music school to learn to play the piano and started writing her own songs. Later she taught herself to play guitar.

Vic Anselmo's Discography

  • 2008 - Trapped in a Dream

When Vic Anselmo was about 16, she formed her first real band. Then the real story began. Vic Anselmo performed many live shows with her band in the Baltic States, shared the stage with such big names as Danny Cavanagh (Anathema), Mick Moss (Antimatter), Tito & Tarantula. Her songs appeared at high positions in local radio charts.

In September 2006 Vic Anselmo released a demo CD “Beverly”.

In 2007 she performed several shows in Germany and the UK.

In March 2008 Vic Anselmo recorded her debut album “Trapped in a Dream,” which was released in autumn 2008 by her own management (Vic Anselmo Management) and distributed in Europe by Omniamedia.

Vic Anselmo about her music: “As I was growing up, getting more experience, looking deeply into myself, trying to find a way of expressing myself in music, my mind came to the idea of dreams. A lot of significant moments in my life are connected with them. When I was low, the dreams were my escape from reality. I settled my problems in my dreams, I kept dreaming, and the dreams always encouraged me in my darkest hour. My songs are my revelations and at the same time my attempts of imagining the dreams of other people.

There is a large variety of sounds in my music and a lot of contrasts: from melodic to expressive vocals, from crying electric to melodic acoustic guitars, from live instruments to electronic sounds… The music holds elements of gothic, rock, folk - the dreams are so different… My band and me are trying to give the right atmosphere to every song, to every dream it tells about…”

Some facts: Vic Anselmo is Victoria’s stage name. Once her friends started to nickname her because of her addiction to Pantera (American metal band). Vic comes from Victoria; Anselmo is the surname of Pantera’s vocalist Phil Anselmo.

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