Infinite Tales's History (Biography)

Infinite Tales - Ukrainian Melodic Death band, formed in 2007. Once upon a time guitarist Glorf (Igor Dovgoteles) and bassist Koma (Dmitry Bondarenko) played  the video game called Neverwinter Nights. This game ends with the words «This is the world of infinite tales». These last two words became the title of the future band.

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Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal

Country: Ukraine

Show Date: September 4, 2010

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2010

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The history of Infinite Tales began in 2001 when Glorf's friends presented him Nightwish DVD "From Wishes to Eternity". Glorf said "It was something amazing for me. I remember that I fell in love with heavy music on that day. Thanks to Tuomas Holopainen." Soon Igor learning to play guitar and when he was 15 he bought his first electric guitar. In 2005 Glorf shared his band creation  idea with bassist Dmitry (Koma) and guitarist Nazar (Nazar Ustyannik), which at that time were playing in different bands. This idea was very interesting for them but the creation of the band was delayed because of the involvement of future band members in other projects. By the way, Glorf, Koma and Nazar are classmates. In 2007 the guys realized that they can not wait anymore and the first band's lineup was assembled after 2 weeks. Glorf said "The lineup was a nightmare, everything was not as desired". Several of the following band lineups were like first one.

Glorf met drummer Perevod (Alexei Perevodchik) when he was a freshman. Glorf was impressed with his drumming skills. "It was so great that he agreed to join Infinite Tales as he had much more musical professionalism than we had".

Infinite Tales's Current Members

  • Glorf (Igor Dovgoteles) – guitar
  • Koma (Dima Bondarenko) – bass
  • Kiwi (Viktoria Revko) - vocals, cello, keys
  • Zolik (Zoltan Forkosh) - vocals
  • Nazar (Nazar Ustyannik) – guitar
  • Yar (Svyatoslav Yar) - drums, percussion

Early its existence the band often changes its genre: initially band played in the Gothic genre, then it payed Atmospheric Metal. The presence of the material pushes band members on new experiments with sound but when singers Zolik (Zoltan Forkosh) became the member of Infinite Tales, band started to play Melodic Death Metal.

Infinite Tales's Discography

  • "Amoxicillin... Extermination" (EP) 2009
  • "Amoxicillin... Extermination: Asia" (EP) 2009
  • "Only The Beginning" (CD) 2009

Prior to Infinite Tales Zolik was the guitarist and backing vocalist for Nu-Metal band. Glorf met Zolik at one of his band performances and proposed him to record the vocals for Infinite Tales. Then Glorf offered Zolik to take part in the show with a new female singer. Thus, the band finds one more singer.

Infinite Tales's Greeting for Global East Rock Festival 2010 Visitors

In 2007 team reached its first success. They won in Local Qualifying Heat of The Global Battle Of The Bands' 07 and band came really close to making it to the London final.

The 4rth of March 2008 can be considered band’s official birthday. By that day the band made the first record at he studio. In March 2008 the final band lineup has been formed and active promotion and concert activity commenced. The band's lineup at that time: Glorf (Igor Dovgoteles, guitar), Koma (Dmitry Bondarenko, bass), Kiwi (Victoria Revco, vocals, cello, keyboards), Zolik (Zoltan Forkosh, vocals), Nazar (Nazary Ustyannik, guitar) Perevod (Alex Perevodchik, drums, percussion). After some time band released their first online EP "Drop of Dream", which consisted of five tracks and was written in the genre of Neoclassic Symphonic Metal.

The recording of debut “Only the Beginning” album has started on the 1st of November 2008 and went on up until the 1st of April.  Almost all the material was recorded at «Morton Studio», except drums, which were written at 100% Records. Maxim Pasechnik (Morton) was a sound producer.

In anticipation of the album April 12, 2009 they released the online EP "Amoxicillin ... Extermination", which has been downloaded over 250,000 times. The single includes three tracks, two of which (Amoxicillin. .. Extermination and Running Away) were subsequently filmed videos.

Many sound effects for the album were recorded live. Thus, the cello on the album recorded female singer Kiwi (Victoria Revco). She sang at the National Philharmonic before Infinite Tales and it was her first experience in heavy music. She was related with the music even before her birth. Her mother is cellist with a great voice. When Kiwi was 5 years old her mother sends girl to music school to study playing the piano. But all her teachers were so bad, that 7 years gave Kiwi absolutely nothing. So girl asked mother to start teaching her playing the cello and after two years she have already taken part in international music competition. But at the age of 15 Kiwi was faced with the choice between entering the conservatory or economy university and studying management. And she have chosen last one. In 2007 she met guys from Infinite Tales and she life has filled with the music again.

Music for the album «Only The Beginning» was written by Glorf, but arranged by all members of the team. Glorf says "You could say that I'm writing a common version, the main melody. I do something like the new theme design but everyone is working at his or her party. Excellent track is result of this work". Glorf also have written lyrics for 8 of 11 tracks on "Only the Beginning", the rest has been done by Zolik.

In parallel with the recording of the album was filmed debut video «Amoxicillin ... Extermination», which was presented in the New Year's Eve on December 31, 2009 to January 1, 2010 in the Kiev club "Bingo" with the support of the independent label "Іnshamuzika".

In November 2009 the Portuguese magazine «The Gates of Metal» presented two awards for their debut album - «Album of the Month» and «The Best Act Of The Year 2009".

In summer 2010 Infinite Frames Production (founded by Glorf and Koma) filmed the second video for the song "Running Away".

4 th September 2010 Infinite Tales performed at Global East Rock Festival 2010 on the third day after russian band Pilgrim and before poles band Cemetery of Scream.

In September 2010 Perevod (Alex Perevodchik) left the group on its own initiative. In November his place was taken by Yar (Svyatoslav Yar)

Currently, team members are actively working on their second album, which will be a continuation of «Only The Beginning». link is necessary for using site's materials!

Official Infinite Tales's Video

Infinite Tales - Amoxicillin... Extermination
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Infinite Tales - Running Away
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Infinite Tales feat. Morton - No War For This Century (Unplugged)
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