W.H.I.T.E's History (Biography)

Idea of creation of group W.h.i.t.e. Belongs to the leader of the project, the vocalist and the guitarist, - Oleg "White" Shevchenko. The structure of the band included Oleg's old friends with whom he co-operated for many years. Though the group is officially created in 2005, it is impossible to name the project spontaneous, - its birth was preceded by enough big period of preparation and creative searches.

Official site: http://www.white-band.ws/

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/whitebandua

Genre(s): Rock

Country: Ukraine

Show Date: August 1, 2009

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2009, Global East Rock Festival 2010, Global East Rock Festival 2011, Global East Rock Festival 2012

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W.H.I.T.E. - a command of musicians and, first of all, friends. The leader of the project - Oleg "White" Shevchenko. Without Oleg this project never would take place. He is the author of a musical material, the leader-guitarist and the vocalist. Besides, the professional sound producer. Sergey "Seriy" Boyko - the guitarist, the chairman of technical company ARTMAX, mad cell phone fan and the extreme-driver.

Nikolay "Koljaskin" Belozor - the bass guitarist, the owner of an innate sense of a rhythm and simply person, with good soul. Vlad "Cloud" Hmarsky - group "heart", the owner of everything that at least something reminds percussion instruments. Without his rhythms, music is dead. How all these people have gathered? It was preceded by the whole history... Oleg Belyj co-operated in quality as a sound producer with group "Green Grey", festival "Taurian games". With group "Cries of Vidopljasova", as the sound producer and the director of collective.

W.H.I.T.E's Current Members

  • Oleg Shevchenko - vocals, guitar
  • Sergey Boyko - guitar
  • Nicholas Bilozor - bass guitar
  • Vlad Khmarskiy - drums

Former members:

  • Andrew «MISSION» Mishin - keyboards, DJ
  • Nastya «DJ Arnaby»

Recognised as one of the best sound producers of Ukraine. Has created own studio "White Studio (Reсords UA) on which within several years worked over creation of the new concept of sound and in parallel wrote down albums of domestic and foreign musicians and bands. Clients and friends of the studio: Med Heads, Tol, Mika Newton, Vopli Vidopljasova, Wanderings, Green Grey, Platinum, Jurkesh, Katya Chili, MJ Kuvaldin, Otorvald, Attitude, Kvadradzhesima, Mushmellow, Red Cardell, Arash and is a lot of others.

W.H.I.T.E's Discography

  • 2007 - Бий першим
  • 2010 - Megawhite

Different kind of music material which gone through "ears and hands" of Oleg, has allowed to learn carefully the market and to analyse a situation. As a result Oleg "White" has made firm decision to return to musical sources and to create the project "W.H.I.T.E.".

The rigid binding to unique style at musicians is not present. Flexibility of perception of music allows them to combine the high-speed technics of playing traditional heavy with postapocaliptical riffs new-metal, a moderate step of soul with swinging rhythms of the hip-hop and iron grooves keys of the techno. In the beginning of 2006 video clip on a song remix "the City of dreams" acts in film. The director of the clip Igor Ivanov. On the spirit and on a condition of his methods of work with groups close to WHITE band.

The social theme of clip is often used by many known groups in the world, therefore group "W.H.I.T.E." Concerning in the video to work of a social problem, thereby the group positively influences consciousness of their fans.on fall takes part in the Lviv festival "Rock hypostasis".where they made a concert clip under the name "fate".the director is Jury Kit. The name speaks about itself. The live drive is transferred from a scene.

In the end of 2006 the group lets out a maxi-single under the name "Throw the Wheelbarrow".they made a videoclip also. director Alexey Fedosov. Beautiful girls, red car "Victory" of 1954 took part in the video. Guys from the band act in a role of machinists. It is a playful cartoon to a situation in our country with motor transport stealing.

The fourth video work is finished shooting in the beginning of 2007 in Kiev by director Evgenie Kerpatenko. The present rock clip on a header song of a debut album "Beat the First", the Fifth video-clip on a song "Behind your shade", the Lviv director Taras Himich in 2008 has finished shooting, the clip direction reminds shots from a film "Lord of rings"

The sixth video-work leaves in the beginning of 2009, a clip on bikers subjects, under the name "Biker Sech".In shooting took part the old friend and colleague Oleg Skripka.Song is represented as a gift for international biker club "Biker Sech". Which participant is  Oleg "White" Shevchenko, and Oleg Skripka.

Clips can be reconsidered on an official site of group, also on Youtube. Myspace At present the group lets out the second album, and fruitfully gives concerts across Ukraine and abroad. More detailed information, and also you can discuss offers, on cooperation, having contacted us on an e-mail address

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Official W.H.I.T.E's Video

White - Кинь Тачку
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View Count: 2356
Duration: 02:46
White - Місто Снів
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View Count: 2446
Duration: 03:49
White - Роком
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View Count: 1510
Duration: 02:35
White - Бий Першим
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View Count: 1931
Duration: 03:32
White feat. Oleg Skripka - Байкер Січ
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Duration: 03:34
White - За тобою тiнь
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View Count: 2643
Duration: 03:47
White - Бий Першим (Version 2)
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View Count: 5525
Duration: 03:31

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