D.V.S.'s History (Biography)

When musicians from different countries and cultures get together and put their creative energy to a new project, it usually becomes very powerful…Well, this one definitely is…; ) Thus in January 2005 the DVS (Death Valley Screamers) rock band was formed. The experience of three Ukrainian musicians – Volodymyr, Bogdan and Sergiy (ex -«Lazy Town»), and of two British - Mick and Sean (ex-infinite number of musical projects), crossed. The band started with the old well-known rock and with the songs written by Sean and Mick 20 years ago – well, some things never change!

Official site: http://dvs-band.com/

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/deathvalleyscreamers

Genre(s): Hard Rock

Country: Ukraine

Show Date: August 2, 2009

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2009

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The front man added a new colorful biker page to the band's history. In July 2005 DVS for the first time came on to the bike-scene of «Tarasova Gora» (Taras' Hill) biker’s festival. The band dipped into extreme festivals, bikes and gained attention of the new fabulous audience. As soon as Sean and his band have discovered rocker world, with the same speed this world accepted their new rock band. After all, Seamus (this is Sean's biker name) knows very well how to appeal to this audience, knows how loud and professional the sound should be, in general – he knows what bikers and rockers want because he is one of them.

From the very beginning friends and irreplaceable helpers - «Borsch» band, always were there in the beginning and supported DVS in everything. The bands played together several joint concerts. The friendship came to its peak during the joint tour in February 2006, crowned by the hit “Far Far Away”, which came 1st in M1’s charts that winter. Then DVS first solo concert took place and it got off!

D.V.S.'s Current Members

  • Sean Carr – Lead vocals
  • Mick Lake – Guitar, backing vocals
  • Sergiy Lukashevych – Bass guitar
  • Sergij Ozeryan – Lead guitar
  • Volodymyr Butiaiev – Drums

In February 2005 the first album «Just Crazy» appeared. The album caused a great wave of interest among mass media representatives, critics and fans.

D.V.S.'s Discography

  • 2005 - Far Away (2005) – DVS vs Борщ
  • 2005 - Just Crazy (2005)
  • 2007 - Big Fish

In summer 2005 the next biker concert this time spurred Russia, Krasnodarskiy Kray, famous Taman’ rocker festival. Local bikers met DVS with a powerful support and went as crazy as they could. The majority of shots in the video «Just Crazy» are just from this crazy gig.

In 2005 the band played in support of Eurovision Song Contest, and the next day on Eurovision stage in the Eurocity on Trukhanov's island.

After that the band performed at the Independence Day concert in front of a 250-thousand audience on Independence Square (Majdan) and the songs «Blown it» and «Just crazy» were met with a considerable noise and dancing on the part of the multi-aged audience, even the hutsul inset in rock arrangement looked as a natural addition to the «Just Crazy» song which later was named «Crazy Kozak».

Rock ‘n’ roll life can't be trivial, and at Sean's and Zhenya’s wedding in October 2005, DVS played on live broadcast for all Radio Rocks listeners.

In January 2006 (at their anniversary!) the first video «Just Crazy» of the first album «Just Crazy» has seen the light! The viewers of popular rock Enter-Music channel were the first listeners of the song which was calling to end the war.

In the same year a 23-day tour took place, where during their stay in Donetsk Sean was proposed to take a closer look at miners' real life and to go down to the common for them depths. Sean didn't refuse...

Miners work conditions made a strong impression on him and his experience later allowed him to reflect his strong feelings in his lyrics. He promised that the band would without fail write a song dedicated to miners of Donetsk, their non-real, life threatening literally deadly work conditions. Of course this song must have real miners in it. Friends from Donetsk have helped DVS to get together a choir made up of real miners.

During the friendly cooperation with «Borsch» the hit «Far Far Away» is recorded. The video was recorded at the newly designed terminal in Boryspil international airport and even on the runway at -20 degrees Celsius. During the first several weeks it hit the first in Ukraine's charts, the 12th place in Russia and the 8th in Israel. As a result of this the collection «Far Far Away», and also the video «No Reason to Hate» appeared.

After a vibrant concert at a biker gathering in Lviv, the band went to «Tarasova Gora» (Taras' Hill) bike festival near Cherkasy for the second time. Later it played at Tavria Games festival, most popular 10 year old music festival in Ukraine. And in January 2007 a tour throughout Western Ukraine took place.

On July 5th DVS have represented new album «BIG FISH»! In support to the new album Crash Landing song got her visualization through video directed by well known Stekolenko brothers. Video has hit the charts on several Ukrainian music channels.

On September 22nd 2007 the band came up with new project. Sean didn’t forget his promise and a Fallen Friends song and video dedicated to miners of Donetsk were released. Video was directed by Igor and Olexandr Stekolenko. This was the first social project of the band. Presentation was held in Donetsk with support of Kyiv Chamber Band Napoleon and Donetsk Miners Choir. Shortly after on request of families of fallen miners two additional presentations were held in Lugansk and Rovenky.

During autumn 2007 DVS starts working on their next album. There is a lot of creativity; new bass guitar player appears in the band – Sergiy.

Band keeps rock’n’rollin with the gigs all around Ukraine and abroad, plays at the festivals. Material for the new album is growing on and on. Some of the new songs are included on the gig playlists and are greeted well by the audience.

At the beginning of 2009 DVS will shoot a new video for the song «Bonnie and Clyde». New album is coming soon.

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Official D.V.S.'s Video

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