Arcana Imperia's History (Biography)

Moscow band Arcana Imperia is formed in March of 2005 by bassist Alexey and guitarist Evgeniy. Vocalist Darvit’s joined the band in August of 2006 year. After many reshuffles the band has given near 30 gigs with many Russian metal bands in black, death, doom and thrash genres.

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Genre(s): Melodic Death/Black Metal

Country: Russian Federation

Show Date: August 1, 2009

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2009

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In October of 2007 the band with line-up: Alexey, Evgeniy, Darvit and keyboardist Olga has started the record of the debut album under the sound-producing of Den Sain (Stigmatic Chorus) at HPZ-Records studio. To Spring of 2008 year the album was mixed and mastered at KIV-Records studio by Igor Korolyov. In March of 2008 new drummer Vitaliy has joined the band.

The album “Hymns of Infinite Decay” is self-released at 14 June of 2008 year through Sound Age-label distribution. The band continued the gig with new line-up and new image. There were two gigs with brasilian legends Sepultura and Krisiun. Since September 2008 the band’s started the record of second album.

Arcana Imperia's Current Members

  • Darvit - Vocal
  • Eugen - Guitars
  • Alexey - Bass
  • Andrey Ishchenko - session drums

After the next change of line-up, Arcana Imperia includes:

Arcana Imperia's Discography

  • 2008 - Hymns of Infinite Decay
  • 2010 - Better Than Now
  • Darvit - Vocal
  • Eugen - Guitars
  • Alexey - Bass
  • Andrey Ishchenko - session drums

With this line-up the band acts at the international festival in Ukraine Global Promotion fest with such stars as Crematory, Diary of Dreams, Graveworm, Epica, Ensiferum. Kingdom Come, Kreator, Motorhead, My Dying Bride, Sonic Syndicate, Tarja Turunen and etc. Then the band continues to record the second album entitled "Better than now".

In the end of 2009 performance with Norwegian black metal band Pantheon I was, then in the Spring the recording of a new album was completed.

In Summer participants of band make a decision to create the own label entitled "After Death Rec." and release the second album on it (in parallel the band releases the attributes). Presentation of an album took place on September, 12th in club Xo. (Moscow).

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Other bands that participated at the Global East Rock Festival 2009: Crematory, D.V.S., Diary of Dreams, Ensiferum, Epica, Graveworm, Kingdom Come, Kreator, Maknamara, Motorhead, My Dying Bride, My Favorite Scar, Sonic Syndicate, Tarja Turunen, W.H.I.T.E.

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