Alight's History (Biography)

The show of Alight at the Global East Rock Festival 2009 has been canceled. Cancellation reason: local authorities have banned night show because of complaints of local residents for noise.

Alight is Italian Gothic metal band.

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Genre(s): Gothic Metal / Industrial

Country: Italy

Show Date:

Festivals: Global East Rock Festival 2009

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Alight's Current Members

  • Sabina Spagnoli (Vocals)
  • Mirko Montresor (Drums, ex-Skanners, ex-Voices of Decay, ex-Broken Hearted)
  • Elena Donolato (Bass, ex-Kestmorg, ex-Elivagar)
  • Edward Crow (Guitar )

Former members:

  • Mariangela "Mary" Demurtas (Vocals, [2007-2008], Tristania, ex-Reel Fiction)
  • Roberta Staccuneddu (Vocals)

Alight's Discography

  • 2009 - Don't Fear The Revenge
  • 2006 - Alight  (Démo) link is necessary for using site's materials!

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